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I am Sophiafong, working as a registered nurse in Indiana and I am a Tai Chi Instructor as well. I studied and worked in China, Cambodia before. My children have grown up. I am interested in  helping  people live healthy by my passion and understanding of cross culture exercises. I think that Tai Chi movement exercises are very good exercises to  maintain or improve our health and prevent chronic diseases, such as high blood presses, depression, arthritis, muscles pain and so on.                           Sophiafong

The first time I started to learn Tai Chi when I was studying in the medical school in China. I became busy at work and life, Tai Chi was not in my mind any more. I picked up Tai Chi again a few years ago because I saw the benefits from it.

More about Me

I was very slim when I was younger and as the time went on I started gain weight from lack of exercises. I worked at a company in Cambodia and my work nature was more sedentary. I did not do any extra exercises beside my daily life and work until I found that I had got the pre- hypertension in 2011. I needed to start taking medicines soon if I was not careful. I was unsatisfied with my health condition at that time and started thinking about exercises. Walking is a good exercises for me and I started to walk in the mornings. I was attracted by the happy music, slow actions with or without beautiful fans or swords in hands while I was walking in the Mondial center or Olympic Stadium in Cambodia.  After that time I started again to learn Tai Chi exercises movements.

I moved to the USA with my family. Some of my friends and relatives are unhealthy due to bad habits, unhealthy food and sedentary. I always wanted to persuade them to change a bit, to eat healthy food and start to do exercises. I tried to start basic tai chi with them and try to do this as a community or team so that we can encourage each other to live healthy way. We may do tai chi by learning online and meet once a month in our community or team.

The reason I created this site is so that we can encourage to consistent to do Tai Chi exercises. There are so many reasons to be inconsistent to do exercises. Is it possible to change a habit? Yes, I think we can if we can influence each other to do our best.  I love the Tai Chi due to the happy music, slow movement exercises in the fresh outdoor air, relax, relax… those release so much stressors and help us stay healthy.

I will update my site regularly with new experience, pictures or videos. Thank you for visiting my website and welcome you to leave a simple comment below.

I wish you all the best always! Thank you!


Founder of Tai Chi Exercise Movements


E-mail: sophiasong@taichiexercisemovements.com